Novelty Ice Cream Flavors

- Oreo Bar

- Choco Taco

- Giant King Waffle Cone

- Ice Cream Sandwich

- Orange Cream Bar

​- Turbo Rocket

- Push Pop

- Strawberry Shortcake

- SpongeBob Pop

- Sour Cherry/Apple Popsicle

- Sundae Cone

Cheesecake Bar Flavors

- Vanilla

- Strawberry

- Chocolate

- Poppy Seed

- Caramel Filing w/Almonds

​- Mascarpone w/Almonds

Full Bar Flavors

- Pear Ice Cream

- Orange Ice Cream 

- Dutch Biscuit

- Bourbon Vanilla


Why should the Lil' Ice cream Dude cater your wedding? 

Your desserts are served cold by the Lil’ Ice Cream Dude and his staff.  In a traditional and formal settings, Beau uses small black and white rolling coolers. For these settings he and his staff are uniformed in formal ice cream attire that include bow ties, hats and dress shirts.  For casual weddings and settings, the Lil Ice Cream Dude will serve from his beloved Popsicle (5 x 8’ enclosed trailer) or from his smaller umbrella carts that can be setup inside or outside.   In casual settings, the Lil’ Dude and his staff are uniformed in his infamous bow tie t-shirt and black shorts/pants.

Beau Shell, the Lil' Ice Cream Dude, believes he can add a level of cool to your wedding that will leave you and your guest refreshed and renewed.  His gourmet ice cream treats and ice cream novelties are sure to make your special day the coolest day ever.  Ice cream is an excellent dessert alternative for your rehearsal dinner, hospitality hour and wedding reception.  Whether your wedding is classic or contemporary, indoor or outdoor, day or night, large or small, the Lil’ Ice Cream Dude has the perfect dessert for you and your guests

Cool World!

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Packages and Service Options 

During formal events, the Lil Dude serves from small black coolers.  This cart is small enough to roll up to and between guest tables. For casual and outdoor weddings, Beau will bring the Popsicle and serve guests as they walk up to the service window.  During Hospitality Hours, guest will be served from one of Beau's small portable carts that can be placed just about any where.


Booking the Lil' Ice Cream Dude is affordable and easy.  Just complete the form on the right to let us know what you are planning for your big day.  Review the gourmet and novelty ice cream flavors below.  Gourmet flavors include full bars coated in Belgium Chocolate and cheesecake bars coated in a rich dark chocolate.  If you favor the nostalgia of the ice cream truck, please review our ice cream truck novelty flavors below.  No matter your choice, the Lil' Ice Cream Dude will make your guests feel waaay cooool!  

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