​The Lil' Ice Cream DudE'S

Cool World!


My company, theLil' Ice Cream Dude company specializes in happiness and smiles.  I use my trailer and cart to cater happiness via ice cream at all kinds of events, meeting and appreciation days, breaks and parties.  I can bring my  trailer, cart and ice cream to just about any event or any location. But I must warn you, I am full of energy, fun, and smiles.  So if your having one of those blah, blah days, get ready to turn your day around with the first bite of your ice cream and your first site of the me! 

My Ice Cream Dreams

There are several reasons I wanted to start my own business - these include, making my own money, being able to donate to my school's missionary, buying my own toys, eating my favorite ice cream, and helping out my family.  But there are even bigger dreams that I have for my business and they are:

1.    Pay for my brother’s college education and mine

2.    Create my own brand of Ice Cream and franchise

3.    Start a foundation so that I  can give back to the Athens community

4.    Fly on a plane

5.    Take a family vacation in every Major NASCAR Cup City

6.    Own a NASCAR team

7.    Become a successful businessman and millionaire

My family consists of my dad, Rick Shell; my mom, Vickie Shell; and my brother, Rock.  They have helped me in every stage of my business.  They always encourage me and give me good advice on how to be a great businessman.  I could not do this without them!

My Family

After convincing his parents that he was serious (he wouldn’t stop pestering them), they took the proper steps to get his business license and vendor’s permit. He sells a variety individually wrapped novelty items. His business is fully certified and he is able to provide a W-9 upon request.

My business operates through pre-arranged events.  These events are set-up after requests are made by groups and organizations that want to add "Cool" to their events.  So they enlist the ice cream catering services of me, Lil' ice Cream Dude.  I have two basic packages from which customers can choose, the Premium Package and the Regular Package.  The Premium Package includes ice items that would appeal more to the sophisticated and seasoned tastes buds of adults (a fancy way of saying more chocolates and ice cream items). The Regular Package includes items that would appeal to mostly children (several sour pops and ice pops). 

Who is the Lil Ice Cream Dude?

My Company

My Vision

My Mission

He is Beau Shell, a nine-year old who believes that ice cream should be its own food group! He has been in business since the age of eight. For his 8th birthday, he asked his parents for an ice cream cart because he wanted to go into business for himself.  He expressed a sincere desire to give more to his school’s missionary, buy his own toys, help the family, and to be able to eat his favorite cool ice cream treats.

To change the world with ice cream by making it a happier place one smile at a time.

To deliver happiness and smiles through the ice cream pops and bars that I sell in my cart.