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The Lil Ice Cream Dude can go just about anywhere!  And everywhere he goes happiness follows! The versatility of this customized trailer and cart allows him to set up and serve happiness in the most unlikely places.  He can handle inside events with the greatest of ease because his cart can be removed from his trailer and wheeled inside.  His trailer is small enough that it can even be wheeled inside.  Or both trailer and cart can be set-up in an any fairly level spot.  Please see his photos to learn more about his super natural abilities and his powers to go where no ice cream truck has gone before. 


Schools, Churches, Organizations

Appreciation Days

Employees, Residents & Clients

Festivals & Markets

Family, Class, Weekend Markets

Camps, Clubs & Organizations

Summer, VBS, & Sports, Neighborhood Associations

Parties & Reunions

Birthdays, Tailgating, Holidays, Private Groups, Families, Classes